Timing is EVERYTHING!!!

So over the last few weeks, I have had multiple conversations with multiple new and old business partners.  Throughout all of my conversations it seemed that there was ONE thing rang common between all of the conversations, TIMING.  Have you ever wondered WHY people always say that the only companies that you should align yourself with should be ones that are still in their START-UP phase?  Well, the truth about that is that 99.9% of all START-UP companies fail within the first few years of business, not matter if it is a traditional START-UP or a direct-sales, network marketing, Multi-Level Marketing START-UP company.   So what is all of the HYPE behind a new START-UP company?  People always like to try to catch a new wave of business.  Therefore they feel that the START-UP will be the best opportunity for them.  It seems as though many of the START-UP companies have to be in that mode in order for someone to join, because they are not sustainable, and without the story of START-UP they wouldn’t have any customers, just simply based on their PRODUCTS or their COMPENSATION PLAN.

I think rather than talk about TIMING of a company, I believe that people are in different TIMES in their lives.  I am an honest believer that people’s situations change and therefore they are more open at some times then they are at others.  So here is my challenge to you.  Find out if your are in one of the TIMING periods of your life where you are open to explore new options, new ways of earning INCOME, new ways of moving your personal and financial life forward.  If you are feel free to send me your information and I will be in touch with you.  Who knows, maybe what I do for a living will be a great fit to you in your life.  Because remember…

 So make it a GOAL TO GET YOUR SELF OUT OF THE RUT OF INSANITY, and at least explore your options!!  I look forward to hearing from you!!


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