4 Must Haves for Building a Successful Business!

So many of you are looking for a way to make sure you are getting your business started off the right way?  Here are 4 critical things that can apply to any and all Networking companies.

#1 -YOU MUST HAVE A REASON FOR BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS.  Some companies call this your “Driving Force”,

why-usothers call it your “WHY”!  Now you must remember that there are so many different reasons for building a business.  Some people build a business in order to create time freedom, others build a business so for ownership of their lives.  Most importantly, you have to find a reason compelling enough to help you get past your own personal insecurities and step into a realm of discomfort.  TRICK: Make sure your purpose for building a business is not solely focused on the financial compensation.  Financial return on your time is critical, but if that is the only reason to build your business it will not be compelling to help you through the hard times!

coach#2 – YOU MUST BE COACHABLE.  This might sound unfamiliar to many.  One of the most difficult things when it comes to building a business is realizing you do not know everything!  I feel like building a business is one of the most amazing experiences ever.  I have learned more about people, business, personalities, difficulties, excitements, frustrations, and personal mastery through building a business than anything I have ever done in the past.

#3 – YOU MUST HAVE A KEEN INTEREST IN HELPING PEOPLE BECOME SUCCESSFUL IN THEIR LIVES.  I know many of those individuals that have reached high levels of success in business (Corporate World included) have achieved their success by incorporating the principles of empowerment, encouragement, and celebration of the


success of OTHERS.  Please recognize it is others they celebrate, encourage and empower!  Too often we take our own successes, accomplishments, and achievements and try to place those on a pedestal, when we really need to be taking care of others.  As the great mentor Zig Ziglar would say, “You can only get what you want in this life by helping enough other people get what they want.”

#4 – A SYSTEM OF DUPLICATION.  If we learn how to manage people and not systems we will become much better off in our lives!  Managing people is one of the hardest things known to man, simply because of the ever-changing dynamics of the differing human personality traits.  The SYSTEM of duplication must be something simple and concise and proven to work.  Now, I must make note here that there is one thing that needs to be addressed!  When creating your SYSTEM of duplication, please do not make it a financial burden to those who are “Tying into the SYSTEM“.


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