Creating the SYSTEM! Tips and Tricks for Success.

In my last blog post # 4 talked very vaguely about creating a SYSTEM.  I want to dive into the SYSTEM a little more and give you some insight of things you can take into consideration to further drive your business.  Over the last 4 years I have learned quite a bit regarding the things that work and the things that don’t work.  These will apply to every networking, party plan, and home based business out there.  One quick tip before I get into the list, make sure no matter which one of these ideas you run with, BE CONSISTENT!  Here is what I have come up with.

  1. Create a SYSTEM of In-Home overviews, parties or presentations on a weekly basis.  Some may feel that the In-Home meeting or party has lost it’s style.   But the truth is, THEY WORK!  The key to a successful in home is to do them and be consistent in doing them.  When you bring on a new business partner schedule immediately their first In-Home meeting and help them get started the right way.  I must say there is a trick to inviting to an In-Home.  Whatever you do, postcards, invitations, etc., make sure that you have a system of personal Consistency connection.  If you do not have the personal connection, i.e. phone conversation, face to face meeting, don’t expect anyone to show up.  Make sure you are committing them to be there and then holding them accountable.  
  2. Create a SYSTEM of meetings targeted for the BUSINESS MINDED PERSON.  This is much different from the In-Home presentations.  These meetings are designed to give your business partners more belief in your program and what the program has to offer in the long term.
  3. Create a SYSTEM of ACCOUNTABILITY.  Everyone needs to be accountable to someone in their lives.  While working with your business partner make sure to have some way where you can return and report your results.  I came across a quote one time that went something like this (and I’m paraphrasing) “When results are measured, results improve.  When results are measured and reported, the level of improvement increases dramatically.”  I don’t remember who wrote that quote, but the concept is brilliant!  Here are a few ideas of ways to create ACCOUNTABILITY.
    1. Phone calls of accountability.  I suggest doing at least a weekly phone call of accountability with your new business partners.
    2. Monthly reporting system.  Make sure your business partners send you their goals so you can follow up with them and help them achieve their goals.

This is a pretty good list of how to get started or what things to think about.  But again the most important part about creating the SYSTEM is being CONSISTENT!  If you are not CONSISTENT then I’ll be honest, IT WON’T WORK.


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