Overcoming Natural Resistance!


Let’s have a get real conversation on this Blog!!!  The fact is RESISTANCE is INEVITABLE.  OBJECTIONS are the fact of life!!!  It seems to me that too often people are naturally cautious about anything new.  Therefore, they always put up their “PSYCHOLOGICAL DUKES” before they ever really know what they are agreeing or disagreeing to.  If you break down these “PSYCHOLOGICAL DUKES” they are really nothing more than the following concerns; (1) Tell me more, or (2) I don’t understand.

Here is a little DID YOU KNOW… The average person will say NO 3 times before they ever will say yes!  I can tell you from experience that this is absolutely correct!  I have heard the word NO many times when introducing a new concept to someone that sometimes all it takes is TIME and PERSISTANCE to help them understanding their lack of knowledge!  Being PERSISTENT will always win the race!  Somewhere along the way it has been ingrained in us to say no first to avoid appearing too gullible or easily persuaded.  Keep this in mind – this is a critical point.


Now let’s look at the OBJECTIONS as RESISTANCE!  Resistance is nothing more than life identifying just how bad you want it.  When life pushes and resists – push back.  A body builder will teach you a similar principle:  Resistance is what builds muscle – it gives you something to push against – it makes you stronger.

So let’s talk about how to overcome the resistance.  There are 3 words that can help you significantly in the process of overcoming RESISTANCE and OBJECTIONS.  Here they are; FEEL, FELT, FOUND!   Let me give you a few examples of how you might use these to better resolve concerns.

Let’s say you are talking to someone and they give you the feedback of “I don’t have time for what you do.”  Here might be an example response.  You know Joe, I understand how you FEEL, because when I was first introduced to this new concept I didn’t really the time either and I FELT the same way that you do right now.  You know what if fun and what I FOUND, is that working with this business concept on a part time basis has actually given me more time freedom because now I have more time than I ever did.

Hope this helps!  I would love to get feedback as to other tips and tricks you are currently using!


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