Not a better way to start the blog except with this quote!


I have learned over the last many years some people do not understand the difference between being INTERESTED in something and being COMMITTED.  I know of far too many people INTERESTED in changing their lives.  They want more security, more success, more excitement, more passion in their lives but are unwilling to do what it takes or make sacrifices necessary to make the change.  As Tony Robbins would say, “Unless the PAIN of the change supersedes the FEAR of the change NO ONE will change.”  Many people are afraid of making a change and therefore are just INTERESTED in making changes! There is a big difference between being INTERESTED and COMMITTED.

Those who are truly COMMITTED to changing their lives will not only change the nature of their future but influence many people in the process!  I have started studying the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, by Dale Carnegie to try to learn more about how to have more of an influence on helping people in their lives.  One common conclusion I have come to is the fact that in order to INFLUENCE other people, we must strive daily to make ourselves better.  There is no way to help others if we are not in a good place in our lives!  Being COMMITTED to the process  of self improvement will get us to a place where you can be COMMITTED to help others move their lives forward.

Once we are in the proper mindset, then we can teach people that COMMITTING to a process or system will yield desired results.  COMMITTING means doing something daily that will alter the nature of our lives or our business.  I will share with you my personal story to hopefully yield more light on this situation.

About a year ago I became really sick.  Throughout a process of 3-6 months I had gained about 60 pounds and was feeling horrible.  Once I finally was able to start to overcome my sickness, I realized that the extra weight that I had added was “weighing heavy” on my body as well as my mind.  I felt embarrassed to go out into public and especially to build my business.  I felt as though I couldn’t influence people with the way I was feeling.  I finally COMMITTED to changing my life and getting back into shape.  It was and continues to be a process.    What most people do not realize when you  COMMIT to something is that there is a painful amount of sacrifice that goes into the decision.  It is very hard to really COMMIT to something because subconsciously we do not want to give up that thing holding us or attaching us to the lack of COMMITMENT.  So what is the trick?  Make a decision to do it and don’t look back!!!  I have been able to drop 40 pounds and am feeling much better!  You can do whatever you want if you will really COMMIT to the DECISION and give up those things that get in your way!


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