A Lesson from Monkeys!

Let’s be honest!  Building a home based business is not the easiest job in the world at first, however, it can in many ways be the most rewarding!  I had a few conversations with people today that reminded me of a story I once heard that teaches a profound lesson.


The story goes something like this.  They once did a test with a group of 5 monkeys.  The way the test worked is they put 5 monkeys in the same room and put some bananas at the top of a tree located in the room.  As they observed the monkeys they learned an interesting lesson.  As each of the monkeys began climbing the tree to get the bananas another monkey would grab the monkey and not let him climb to the top of the tree.  This continued with each monkey until they had finally learned there was not way any of the monkeys would be able to get to the top because the other monkeys wouldn’t let it happen.

So here is what I have learned, through this story and in life, we all have people that are more than happy to tear us down, make us feel like we will never become more than an employee, worker, or slave to our job!  They are tough on us simply because they do not want us to succeed for fear of making themselves uncomfortable with their situation.  Interesting how that happens.



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