How do part-time entrepreneurs fit in the startup community?

Interesting insights by a blog that I follow! Take a look!

David Cummings on Startups

Part-time entrepreneurs are more abundant than full-time entrepreneurs. Just think how many people work an hour or more per month on a new business idea. Now, let’s define part-time entrepreneur in a very simple manner: they have a day job that pays the bills. The day job might not even be full-time, but it’s still their primary means of making a living. So, today’s question is “How do part-time entrepreneurs fit in the startup community?”

Here are a few thoughts:

  • I don’t know of any group that caters to the part-time entrepreneur audience other than general meetups where anyone can attend
  • It’s extremely difficult to get a business off the ground working nights and weekends on it (I only know of one entrepreneur, out of hundreds I’ve met, that was able to do it)
  • Peer groups, like Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), are amazing resources, and a…

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