#1 Put the Team First – “It’s Not About You!”

TeamOne of the biggest issues facing “Corporate America” today is people in their current position or place of employment solely show up for their personal gain.  And, you may say to me… Well that is a no brainer.  Then I ask you, what if…  What if people worked somewhere because they actually enjoyed their job, because they had a sense of TEAM?  Would that change anything?  Would it increase productivity in a corporation?

The problem is with a depressed economy, and increasing unemployment rate, most “employees”  are so afraid to lose their jobs that they just stay to themselves and try to get by.  Or on the flip side, they constantly try to beat out the next individual at their company to take their place as a higher paid employee.  Some feel that if they do not talk bad and demean those with whom they work, they will never be able to move up the corporate ladder.  A common issue, therefore, in the corporate world is a theme of working for personal gain and not for TEAM success!  Too often companies lose good employees or good individuals and the results of lack of TEAM focus and the losses are detrimental!  Companies today have a difficult time hiring and keeping good people because they do not know how to include those employees into the team!  Everyone wants a sense of belonging!

So how do we change the mindset of the employer!  We must teach companies and organizations about the power of the team and how to put the TEAM before SELF.  Let’s be honest, at the core of every high performing group or team there is a common purpose – a mission or collective effort that goes above and beyond each of the individual team members.  Putting the TEAM first means that we  have a vision collectively as  a TEAM, and an “It’s not about me” attitude with your TEAM members!  If we are able to establish this mindset then we will always be able to crate an atmosphere of cooperation and success.  A key point further explaining this point is that the team’s interests and needs must come first!

This leads to the next concept.  There’s no I in TEAM.  High performing teams recognize that it takes a joint effort to synergize, generate power above and beyond collective individuals.  High performing teams learn to capitalize on the strengths of each individual and offset the individual weaknesses.  These high performing teams also recognize the power of establishing structure and systems to their processes.   These teams are then able to manage systems and structures rather than people!

I have had many conversations with people regarding creating high performing teams.  Great topic of conversation.  One last thought – “Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.” – Virginia Burden.

What are your thoughts about high performing teams?


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