Cause it’s easier!

Yep, I know.. It’s on your mind…  The feelings; I have set my New Year’s Resolutions to change my life and I have already given up, or I’ve already cheated on the “things” I said I wasn’t going to do.  Believe me… I have already been tempted as well with all of the Holiday food, ease to just go back to normalcy, and comfort in being where I was a few days ago.  BUT.. Don’t Give In!  Why?  Because it is so much more gratifying when you don’t!

One thing I have learned through some close relatives of mine with the feelings of addiction, (in this case the addiction is mediocrity), is that in order to overcome the addiction, we have to face it!  Once we have faced it, we have to admit that it is a problem, and then begin the work of making changes.  Make a Change!

One thing I have found that works for me is to break your 2015 year goals into monthly, weekly, and even daily goals.  Once you have done that it will make it more tangible.  Here are a few more steps, to help you create daily accountability or daily focus on your goals.

  1. Write your goals down on two (2) 3 x 5 card and put one next to you on your nightstand or next to your bed. Every night before you go to bed, read the goals.  Every morning when you wake up, read your goals.  A goal without a distinct action plan is just a dream.  Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich” talks about the concept of “Visualization”.  Reading these goals will help your subconscious mind realize that it is feasible to accomplish what you want to accomplish.  Don’t Give Up!
  2. Take the second 3 x 5 card and put it somewhere where you can see it 3-5 times a day; your car, your purse, your wallet.  Make it a habit to look and review your goals 5-7 times daily.  This will create so much power and momentum towards your goals!  Do it!
  3. Tell someone about your daily goals.  One thing I have learned is the hardest people to tell your goals to are the people closest to you.  Why?  You become vulnerable to them because you opened up what you want to accomplish.  Don’t be afraid.  Tell someone!

Lastly, don’t give up.  We are on this journey together!  Don’t give up!  You can DO IT!  Like I mentioned in my previous post  Make it Count – It’s a new day!, don’t be afraid to to go for big goals!  This is the year you’re going to change your life forever!


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