Don’t Do IT!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a presentation of a Zero Fatalaties campaign which discussed the danger of texting/talking on the phone while driving.  The young gentleman by the name of Reggie Shaw who presented information shared his story with the audience and it was extremely powerful.  This young was 19 years old and on his way to work in a back country road in Logan, UT.  On his way to work in 2006, he was doing his usual routine of texting, checking his mail, on his phone as to not “miss” anything going on.  As he looked down to check his text messages, not knowing, he swerved across the center line of the road and side swiped an oncoming car coming in the opposite direction.  The contact from his car sent the other car spinning and immediately was hit by a large truck killing the two men on impact.  Reggie’s Story.

As I was listening to this story I realized how relaxed I had become, justifying it was okay to send a quick message to an appointment, check an email, check a Facebook update, etc. while driving.  I am committing to keep my phone in my pocket while driving.  Nothing is important enough to text, check messages while I am driving putting other people in harms way.  It is not worth it.  Take extra time.  Make the decision to keep yourself safe and out of harms way.  Change your habits, change your world.  Here are some compelling statistics.  Be safe my friends!


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