Have you ever asked yourself the same question?  Why do I continue to do what I do?  Why do I feel like I am trying my best to do what I feel like the proper direction is in my life, and yet still feel unsettled?  Is there really something more out there for me?  Can I REALLY become something better than what I have become?

If you listen to Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins,  or one of my favorites the late Zig Ziglar, they will all tell you that you have an innate power within yourself to accomplish anything and everything you ever want to achieve.  So how can I really start to accomplish that?  What are the steps to having the next breakthrough?  I’ll be completely honest… I don’t know.  I have read the books, done the courses, studied everything I can get my hands on in regards to breakthroughs, but am still left a little uneasy.  If you feel like I do, then it can be the most discouraging feeling in the world.  You know what these leaders are saying is true and accurate, but you feel like you just can’t quite make the information work for you!

I had a discussion with a newer friend of mine last week about this same topic.  We discussed business ideas and things that excited us about life.  We discussed ways we can create more in our lives.  More time for our children, more time with our spouses, more time with our friends, more time for our God.  We contemplated what that would look like, but realized that the last year hadn’t given us any more than a sour taste in our mouths.  As a matter of fact, we both felt like we were doing the right thing, felt like we had received inspiration in our lives (for you God fearing people), but were still falling short. And based on our pocket books, we did fall short.  I would like to say that I have the “Perfect Plan” for your success with your life, and the key steps to becoming something great, and having something great.  But, what I have learned is that everyone has a different path.

So instead of giving you all the right answers, cause based on my last years performance, I don’t have them, I am going to walk you through my thought process and hopefully this will help someone change their lives.

First things first.  If I really want to make a change in my life then something has to change.  One of my favorite quotes is the following, “Insanity = doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.  Another favorite quote, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”  So today, I have started working on a new project where my passion is.  I’m going to get out and try something new.  Something in the Social Media world.  I have spent adequate time learning and growing from all of my mistakes, now it is time to share it with everyone.  If you want to join me feel free How to Build you Home Based Business Using Social Media.  It’s a free event, and I’d appreciate your feedback.

Second.  I know I am going to have to overcome some personal fears from the new direction I am taking.  Am I going to fail?  Am I going to succeed?  Who knows?  I have learned from the experts above that if I set my mind to something, find passion in that something, in my case Social Media, and stick to it then I cannot fail.  So here I go!  One thing I have to do is face my FEARS.  Some say the acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real?  I say Face Everything And Rise!  Let’s do this.

Third, Stay Consistent.  As I have mentioned on a Previous Post it is crucial to stay consistent and committed to what you want to become.  Things will come and go.  But stay consistent.

Basic right?  I agree.  So I’m going to try it.  I’ll keep you posted on the results!


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