3 Steps to Find your WHY!

Mark Twain has been quoted saying, “The two best days of your life are (1) the DAY you are born, and (2) the day that you find out why.”  Is this true?  I believe it is.  I think we are on a never ending mission to try and find out the “WHY”, or the real reason […]

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Cause it’s easier!

Yep, I know.. It’s on your mind…  The feelings; I have set my New Year’s Resolutions to change my life and I have already given up, or I’ve already cheated on the “things” I said I wasn’t going to do.  Believe me… I have already been tempted as well with all of the Holiday food, ease […]

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Talk Openly and Candidly!

Phew!!! Where did the last month go!  Well I have thought a lot about the next blog and have learned a few things over the last month!  What I have learned can be summed up into this quote, “A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contributions to […]

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