It’s a NEW Day… Make it count!

So many people look at the new year with NEW aspirations, dreams, goals, excitements, and many ways to move their lives forward.  I think this is the most exciting time of the year because people really are serious about making changes in their lives.  Some are looking for ways to make their relationships better with their spouses, children, or significant others.  Others are looking to have a break through year in terms of financial success.  Many are looking to shed a few pounds here and there.  Everyone, in my opinion, is excited for a new start, a new day, an new reason to be motivated.  Let me suggest a few ways that may help you in creating long lasting aspirations, dreams, goals, excitments and overall changes.

  1. Identify the areas you want to change and then SIMPLIFY. – Most people set numerous goals in so many areas of their lives that they instantly become overwhelmed with ALL the things they want to accomplish. Instead, write down 2-3 goals in the areas in your life that need the most improvement and then start working on them TODAY.  Here are some areas for starters; physical, financial, personal, spiritual, and relationship goals to name a few.   
  2. Make a COMMITMENT to yourself and find an ACCOUNTABILITY partner. – One of the best ways to stay on track is to write your goals down, give them a deadline, and then tell people about them.  Not just anyone, tell everyone, especially those you know that will continue to hold you accountable.  Let people know what you are trying to achieve this year, and then become a person of your word.  There will be many up’s and down, but stick with it. You will be amazed at where you are one year from now if you stay consistent.
  3. Prepare for ADVERSITY!  Realize that once you set your mind to do something great for you and your life, opposition will start to throw any and all obstacles in your face.  Face them!  Recognize there are people, situations, and obstacles the will always be in your way.  No more giving in to their way of thinking.  BECOME that person that you have always wanted to be come and fight back against adversity.
  4. Just do IT!  Nike had it right.  Go for it.  Allow yourself the chance to become something better than you think you can become.  Many of the great people in this world, who have had a huge impact on life followed these steps.  Try it.

You will absolutely amaze yourself with the results if you stay consistent, make a commitment, prepare for adversity and then go after it!  One of my favorite quotes; “Strength does not come from what you CAN DO, it comes from OVERCOMING the things you once thought you couldn’t do.” – Rikki Rogers



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